Saturday, August 21, 2010

Once Upon A Time

That is so not me because I have no passion at it.

Then, why I created this blog?
Because I envy every people who owns a blog.
Just like Facebook, I think I need a blog but then I was thinking, the person who own a blog  need to type a very long "essay" about gossips, news, lifes etc etc etc but the problem is I'm not kinda person like that who like to type a long, looong fairy tale.
Not me! :)

But again, I was thinking, is it necessary to type a long story on it???
Do I need to do that?
Any examiners who are going to check my blog?
NO, it is my blog and what I want to type whether it is short or long, it is up to me! Its mine!
So I had decided to create this blog, my 4th blog to be exact.

Why my 4th blog?

Well for the first blog, I was a beginner back then, so that blog kinda RUBBISH, poor my little first blog. My second blog Kisah Seorang Khalifah Kecil. Khalifah laa sangat. :)
I think I have only 4 entries in it. Too Islamic... Hmmm not so me but hey I'm a muslim!
It just that I'm not good enough to talk about my religion in my blog because I'm not the right person but InsyaAllah the daawah is still will be continued here. :)
Now 3rd blog. Well I was expecting my third blog will be my permanent blog.FOREVER.
But this blog is more a diary to me.
I wrote about my life and so on and I like to keep it in private.
However there was a stalker. Hohohoho! Am I that famous?
So I decided to create new blog and I'll make it public!


So don't worry, now everyone can read. *sarcasm* :)

For this blog, I really hope it will remain permanent. InsyaAllah.
But what I'm going to write in this blog???
Well I haven't think about that. Just wait and see. :)

Till then BYE BYE BYE.


Nik said...

Hai.. selamat berkenalan...

Saya nantikan post awak yang terbaru.. :-)

Zahier Naqiuddin said...

hahaha sengal!

Sang Pujangga Utara said...

owh ade stalker ker???

Zahier Naqiuddin said...

laju jer ko...
aah ada stalker..
yg ni nak stalk pon x kisah. :P

amirpo said...

gorgo mmg stalker

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