Thursday, October 28, 2010

Congratulation Maher Zain!

First and foremost, I would like to congratulate Maher Zain for reaching 1 million fans on Facebook. Well I can say that he is one of the new singers but the momentum he brought is spectacular. Now he got more than 1 million fans in his official Facebook page and the numbers are increasing. The rapid increase started when he visited Malaysia and performed at the Save the Soul Concert!  How I wish I was there!
His message of peace, love and God has somewhat taken Malaysia by storm. Many though are skeptical as to why Malaysians have fallen head over heels with this Lebanese born singer. Could it be his voice, his message-filled songs or is it merely his clean good looks? Whatever it is, it has garnered him attention from all walks of life and brought him super stardom here in Malaysia.

The "Maher Zain fever” can be seen throughout Malaysia as numerous shops are playing his tunes repeatedly. And so do I. I like to play and sing his religious songs and his song really fascinate me especially InshaAllah.  Not only me, but I can see that even the ‘huhahuha’ teenagers are amazed with his songs and some of them are even cries when they listen to his songs!  And I am extremely shocked when some of the Christians also listen to his songs! MasyaAllah! :’)

Christians also like his songs.
Maher Zain confessed that previously he was very far from Islam and he even forgot how to read the Al-Fatihah. But during his brief visit home to Sweden, he went to the mosque and attended some Islamic talks with friends and he heard some people singing nasyeed. This was the turning point in which he recognized that the emptiness he had been feeling over the years was due to his lack of religion. Finally he realizes that only Islam can bring peace and tranquility to him. But he did not stop there. Now he spreads the messages of Allah and he knows it is a duty and an obligation to do it.

His first album Thank You Allah features 14 songs mainly presented in English except for a couple of tracks that feature duets in Urdu and Arabic. Three main tracks have stolen my heart and they would be InshaAllah, Open Your Eyes and For The Rest of My Life. I ‘heart’ them! :)

Maher Zain said that he had already written a song titled, Dear Allah which will be the continuation of the song, Thank You Allah. He said;

"With the song, Dear Allah which I wrote all by myself, I wrote it as a continuation to the song, Thank You Allah because in, Thank You Allah, the message was of gratitude towards God who brought me back to the righteous path. But for Dear Allah, it is my doa (prayer) to ask God to guide and keep me on the right path. Basically what I am trying to convey is that I realise how God has the ability to easily take away all that He has given me, therefore it is a song which will remind me not take anything for granted."

I can’t wait to listen to his new song! I'm pretty sure Dear Allah will be hits just like all his songs! And by the way, Maher Zain is already married. His wife is Morroco+Europe and she is pregnant their first child. :)

Mabruk Alayk ya Akhi! :)


Anonymous said...

mher zain is alrdy mrried ye adik2.haha.....fau

zahier said...

saya tahu akak.. maher zain dah kawen. melepaslah awak. haha

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